In the field of flow measurement and fluid analysis, the Romanian oil & gas market has historically been dominated by importers and distributors. These companies were generally only interested in promoting their own products and were unable or unwilling to offer a wider service to establish the suitability and compatibility of the products required to complete the system design.

The company founders, having identified the need for such service, established SMARTECH Consult in 2001 with the aim to providing a comprehensive service including:

  • Solutions for industrial process effciency
  • Initial consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Detail design and equipment selection
  • Material procurement
  • Installation management
  • Commissioning
  • Operational support services


The first projects undertaken were modifications to existing systems. The primary aim was to provide a system design that met the requirements and expectations of the customer. These projects were completed successfully by maintaining a focus on three important factors:

  • Clearly defined functionality

  • Ease of operation

  • Maximize system efficiency


The directors of SMARTECH Consult believe their clear understanding of customer expectations, statutory requirements and industry standards are key factors in the success and continual development of the company.